Shower Head User Manual

This user manual is applicable to IONPOLIS Shower Head and Hydrofy Shower Head.


Shower Head Installation Step 1
  1. Rotate anti-clockwise to remove existing shower head from the shower hose.
  2. Rotate clockwise to connect the Shower Head back to the hose.

Do note that you need to tighten the thread connection during installation to prevent water leakage.


Generally, the filter will last:

  • >2 months* for Hydrofy Shower Head
  • >3 months* for IONPOLIS Shower Head**

*It is relative to your household water quality and pipe rust condition. The indicator for replacing filters is when the filter has turned dark brown.

**The vertical open window on the IONPOLIS shower head may have approximately 3mm deviation from the centre and it is normal due to the production process.

2.1 NOTE

  1. Failing to replace filters on time will affect the filtration capabilities.
  2. Failing to replace filters on time will affect water pressure due to cloaked filters.


There are two filters to replace, the body and head filters.

  1. Rotate anti-clockwise to detach the body and head parts.
  2. Remove old filters.
  3. Insert new filters.
  4. Rotate clockwise our assemble back the parts.

Do note that you need to tighten the thread connection and correctly position the o ring to prevent water leakage (if any). 


Besides filtration, our shower heads were designed to increase water pressure* and save water*. The output water is softer than ordinary shower heads, providing the user with an enhanced shower experience.

For IONPOLIS Shower Head, there is a temperature-sensitive LED equipped within the body. Powered by hydropower technology**:

  • ± <35°C Blue light
  • ± 35°C – 40°C Green light
  • ± >40°C Red light

4.1 NOTE

*The above feature’s performances are dependent on the user’s original household water pressure.

For example:

  • If the user’s bathroom has weak water pressure, then our shower heads will slightly increase the output pressure.
  • If the user’s bathroom has strong water pressure, then our shower heads will tremendously increase the output pressure.

**IONPOLIS shower head LED may be glitchy since it is powered by hydropower spins. Hydropower, also known as water power, is the use of fast-running water to produce electricity.

In this case, the LED glitch means weak or inconsistent blinking.

Glitch is not covered under the warranty. This is because of physics, where the glitch may occur due to the following reasons:

  • If the user’s bathroom has weak water pressure, then the LED may have slower or inconsistent hydropower spins.
  • Depending on how the user is handling the IONPOLIS shower head. For example, swinging the shower head may cause the LED to have slower or inconsistent hydropower spins.
  • If the user fails to replace the filters on time, then the body filter may be cloaked and cause inconsistent or weak hydropower spins.

However, all 3 LED colours should work. If it doesn’t, kindly reach out to us.


Should there be any water leakage from the shower head, ensure that all the o rings have been inserted properly and body parts have been tightened and connected correctly. If the problem persists, kindly reach out to us.


Should there be any cloak in the shower plate micro holes, remove the shower plate and rinse it.


  1. Do not drop the shower head because excessive force may break or crack the product.
  2. Do not use other filters because they may damage the product, may not be suitable in terms of measurement, and may not be recommended for showering. Only purchase and use the replacement filters from Hydrofy.


Hydrofy’s warranty covers goods defects and is subject to assessment approval. Defects do not include aesthetics and breakage or cracks due to the user dropping the product.