IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

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We’ve just imported the all new black variant of IONPOLIS shower head!

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Made in Korea

Premium and luxurious

7 Stage purifying filtration

  • Anti-bacteria
  • Chlorine removal
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Rust removal
  • Sediment removal

Enhance wellness

 3 Temperature LED

Increases up to 200% water pressure

Saves up to 30% water

Quick and easy installation

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The IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head is jam-packed with features such as the 7-stage purifying filtration, which is the highest in the global shower head market. The water flows through the 7-stage filters within the shower head in the sequence of PP cotton filter (body – 1st stage), chlorine removal balls (body – 2nd stage), fabric filter (head – 3rd stage), carbon filter (head – 4th stage), chlorine removal balls (head – 5th stage), anti-bacterial balls (head – 6th stage), and lastly, fabric filter (head – 7th stage) Thanks to these stages of filtration which have eliminated bacteria, chlorine, heavy metal, rust, and sediments, you can now have cleaner water ever for showering.

This Filtered Shower Head uses micro holes for its shower plate which are made by precise laser technology, thus increasing up to 200% water pressure and saving up to 30% water as compared to ordinary shower heads. It is also equipped with a LED, indicating 3 different lights at different water temperatures, blue light at >35°C, green light at 35-40°C, and red light at >40°C. The temperature LED is powered by hydropower turbine technology, absolutely safe and no electricity is required.

The touch and feel of the IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head is also premium and luxurious thanks to the meticulous design and SF coating. Engineered for perfection, you can feel the difference upon holding it, unlike your ordinary shower heads. The vertical open window on the body itself and translucent head design allows you to monitor when to replace the filters, which turn yellowish to dark brown over time due to rust, without the need of opening the shower head to check.

Hydrofy is the importer of the IONPOLIS brand of products, designed and made in South Korea. There are several variants of the IONPOLIS shower heads and we’ve imported the best options (7-stage filtration, temperature LED, premium SF coating etc.) into the Singapore market.

Materials: Stainless steel and ABS with SF coating

Dimension: 80 mm x 227 mm

Weight: 225 g

Features: 7 Stage purifying filtration, water saving, increase water pressure, temperature LED

Filters: PP cotton filter, chlorine removal balls, fabric filter, carbon filter, anti-bacterial balls

Filter capacity: >3 months (depends on usage frequency and water quality), replace filters when it turns dark brown

Applications: Residential, commercial property, hotel

Installation: Common 20 mm thread connection

Manufacturing company: Ionpolis Co, Ltd.

Distributing company: Hydrofy

Country of origin: South Korea

Certificates: Various certifications

IONPOLIS Korea Shower HeadFiltered Shower Head
Ordinary Shower Head
Stages of filtration73
Rust removal
Sediment removal
Chlorine removal
Heavy metal removal
Filter capacityUp to 3 monthsUp to 2 months
Water pressureUp to 200%Up to 150%100%
Water savingUp to 30%Up to 30%0%
Temperature LED
Water softness
Enhance wellness
Body materialHigh quality ABS with SF CoatingABSLow quality plastic
ColourTranslucent & white or blackTransparentSilver chrome
FeelPremium & luxuriousQualityAverage/cheap
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  • Is there a warranty?

Yes, 3 months warranty, extendable up to 6 months warranty. Read our warranty policy.

  • Is it easy to install?

Extremely easy.

Shower Head Installation Step 1

  1. Remove (turn anti-clockwise) existing shower head from the shower hose.
  2. Connect (turn clockwise) the Filtered Shower Head back to the hose.

Do note that you need to tighten the thread connection during installation to prevent water leakage.

  • How long can the filters last?

Generally, the filters can be used for up to 90 days, depending on the water quality and pipe rust condition.

  • How do I replace the filters?

There are two filters to replace, the body and head filter.

  1. Turn anti-clockwise to detach the head ring and body.
  2. Remove old filters.
  3. Insert new filters.
  4. Turn clockwise to assemble back the parts.
  • Is it safe for babies and pets?

Yes, it is safe for adults, kids, babies, and pets usage.

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9 reviews for IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

    Jake Wilson
    November 2, 2022
    Shower head worked as it should. Good service and fast shipping.
    IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head photo review
    October 22, 2022
    Had the white, bought the black. As usual, fast delivery.
    October 10, 2022
    High water pressure 👍🏻
    September 28, 2022
    Easy to fix. Shower head is not bad, better pressure than our old one. Our little ones like the LED light.
    August 15, 2022
    My residential area have low pressure and despite neighbour feedbacks to authority, nothing were done. I am sincerely writing this review from seller's follow up email on reviewing this shower head that it really provides better pressure for showering. Worked as advertised.
    August 3, 2022
    The delivery was prompt and shower head is good.
    July 4, 2022
    Nice shower head, fast delivery.
    IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head photo review
    June 24, 2022
    Returning customer.. Upgraded our house shower head to the ionpolis one. Came in nicely packed korea packaging. Seller provide good service
    June 21, 2022
    The customer service provide prompt updates on their stock arrival and delivery. Can feel shower head is of good quality, I would recommend my family and friends.
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