Ionic Mineral BallsIonic Mineral Balls

Ionic Mineral Balls


Negative Ion Balls x 15g

  • Breakdown the water molecules so minerals can be easily absorbed by your skin and hair.

Infrared Mineral Balls x 50g

  • Purifies shower water by removing residual chlorine, heavy metals, bacterias, and any debris, while providing minerals which are crucial for healthy skin.
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The Ionic Mineral Balls filter water impurities and chlorine, as well as breaking down of water molecules for easy minerals absorption, bringing you all the benefits that are good for your hair and skin. Overall, it makes the output water noticeably soft, providing you with a spa shower experience.

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Google Reviews

Affordable and nice shower head (cheaper than many brands). Water is very soft and pressure is higher than my previous ones. Very comfortable too, my pet also love it a lot ๐Ÿ˜Š. Fast delivery. Thank you seller.
Chloe Shun
Chloe Shun
Ian Nova De Guia
Ian Nova De Guia
Very good quality product at an affordable pricing ! Pleasant and efficient shopping experience too! Everyone should give the shower head a try ! No regrets ๐Ÿ˜„
Maureen Tan
Maureen Tan
Nice shower head with water saving and high pressure features! Water feels soft thanks to the ionic mineral balls in the shower head. Best spa shower experience at affordable price, thanks seller!
Hui Jun Ong
Hui Jun Ong


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