• Is Hydrofy Shower Head safe for baby?

Yes, Hydrofy Shower Head is safe for adults, kids, babies, and pets. Ionic minerals bring benefits to its user.

  • When and how do I change the Ionic Mineral Balls?

Shower Head Detachable

You can replace the Ionic Mineral Balls every 6 months. You can easily change by unscrewing/twisting anti-clockwise of the shower head body (where the middle connection is).

  • How do I change the spray mode of Hydrofy Faucet Aerator?

You may change by simply pulling down or pushing up the silver chrome head.

  • Is it difficult to install?

No, not at all. You can install Hydrofy Shower Head and Faucet Aerator easily, just like plug and play products. You can write in if you are unsure and we’ll teach you how. You may watch our product video which also highlights the installation process.

Shipping – Singapore

  • What are your shipping options?
  1. Free courier (minimum order $25/packages)
  2. $3.50 courier for big items (if you can’t hit $25) – Shower Head
  3. $2 SingPost Poly M for small items (if you can’t hit $25) – Faucet Aerator/Ionic Mineral Balls
  • How long does delivery take?

After we shipped you’ll receive an email notification and you should receive your package within 2 working days for courier / 5 working days for SingPost Poly M.


  • Is there a warranty?

While most online sellers don’t provide a warranty, we do. Our warranty covers goods defect and subjects to assessment approval. The warranty is valid for 30 day, starting after 5 days from the date we’ve shipped, and additional 30 day if you drop us a review within the first 30 days period.

For Example: We’ve shipped your order on 20th March, the warranty will start 5 days after which is 25th March to 24th April. Within this 30 days period if you drop us a review on either our website, Facebook or Google, then warranty extends up to 60 days, ending on 23th May.


  • What are the payments mode available?

We accept credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

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