For products FAQ, please proceed to the individual product page or visit user manual.


Simply add to cart the items and checkout.

Sure, write in to us. We’ll manually create your order and send you the payment link.

We ships really fast, do write in to us at cs@hydrofy.sg as soon as possible.

Upon successful purchase, an order email will be sent to your registered email address/the email address you keyed in during checkout. Kindly check your inbox or spam folder.


We accept credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

If you are using a device compatible and browser with Apple Pay, an option will be shown too.

Strictly no refund policy for any case. Kindly check your order details before placing the order.

For product installation, though our products provide common thread connections, it is the buyer duty to ensure if the products will fit to your current ware.

Shipping & Delivery

  1. Free courier (minimum order $30)
  2. $4.00 courier

Fast delivery within 2 working days to your doorstep. During busy season, it may (less likely) be extend up to 3-4 working days, which is still consider fast compared to most merchants.


Our warranty is valid for 90 days and it starts after 5 days from the date we’ve shipped.

Additional 90 days if you drop us a review within the first 90 days period. Total 180 days.

For Example:

  1. We’ve shipped your order on 20th March.
  2. The warranty will start on 25th March to 25th June (90 days).
  3. Within the first 90 days period you’ve drop us a review on either our website, Facebook or Google, then warranty extends additional 90 days, ending on 25th September (180 days).

Our warranty covers goods defect and subjects to assessment approval.

Defect include product being not usable. Aesthetic is not counted as defect.

So far, there is not a single warranty claim for our quality controlled and assured products.

Should there be any claim, the buyer must bear the shipping fee or can arrange for self collection at Bukit Batok.

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