A 2023 Shower Head Guide: The Best Shower Head For You.

Author: Bryan Ng

You’re probably here because you are hunting for your next shower head, thinking to buy it for your loved ones, or simply just curious about the different types out there. Well, you’re in the right place. This article can guide you in selecting the best shower head. It is important to choose the right shower head because showering is when you can finally relax and freshen yourself, usually after a long day. So yes, taking care of your wellness is critical because it links to your wellbeing.

Shower heads are no stranger to people that are staying in urban areas, like Singapore. We have definitely seen or used a shower head. It is basically a bathroom fixture that directs the flow of water in a bathroom shower. Not all shower heads are the same, they come in different qualities, features, and prices. A good shower head should provide you with an enhanced and soothing shower experience. Let’s look into the different types of shower head first.

Types of shower head

There are 2 types of shower head:

1. Wall-mounted shower head

Wall-mounted shower head – image from freepik

You don’t frequently see a wall-mounted shower head used in residential areas of Singapore as they are more popular overseas. However, it is still familiar to us as you likely see them in hotels. The wall-mounted shower head connects directly to the water pipe in the wall, it creates a neat-looking bathroom because there is no shower hose and adjustable height bar required for this.

The downside is that the height and position of the wall-mounted shower head are fixed, which means you are restricted to certain spray areas. Some of the wall-mounted shower head has a rotatable function, where the joint of the head connecting to the pipe, could be rotated. But even with the rotary function, it still has limited spray areas and risk water leaking from the joint (usually happen to bad quality ones). Additionally, you are unable to use the wall-mounted shower head with an instant water heater.

We have nothing against a wall-mounted shower head, but if you are looking to install this, doesn’t installing a rainshower make more sense?

2. Hand-held shower head

IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head
IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

Unlike the wall-mounted shower head, the hand-held shower head requires a shower hose which connects to your instant water heater or taps and mixers. It is versatile and does not have any height or spray restrictions since it can be removed from the adjustable height bar and be hand-held, allowing actions like washing the soap off your slippery floor easier, or simply spraying wherever you want.

Let’s sum this up with a table comparison.

Wall-mounted shower head vs. hand-held shower head

Wall-mounted shower headHand-held shower head
1. Neat looking as it does not require a shower hose or adjustable height bar/hook
1. Adjustable height
2. Versatile, spray anywhere you like
3. Can be used with a storage heater and an instant water heater
1. Fixed height
2. Limited spray areas
3. Can only be used with a storage heater
1. Less neat looking compared to wall-mounted shower head as it requires shower hose and wall mount

We’ll highlight more of the handheld shower head in this article since it is widely used in Singapore.

Different types of hand-held shower head

Hardware store – image from unsplash

There are different types of hand-held shower heads. In this article, we’ll sort them into ordinary and premium categories. Ordinary shower heads are the ones that don’t have any special features and can often be found in the supermarket or general hardware store. It is usually made in China and cheaper than premium shower heads, where you could get one for less than $20 retail and less than $15 online.

Cheap right? At the cost of compromising the quality and often no warranty.

On the other hand, premium shower heads offer special features such as filtration, water saving, and increasing water pressure, and can only be purchased in dedicated stores or online only. Brands like IONPOLIS, from South Korea, and Hansgrohe/Grohe, from Germany, offer special features for shower heads. Of course, they’re more expensive than ordinary shower heads. For instance, the IONPOLIS Korea shower head costs about $40 and the hansgrohe shower head can cost more than $200!

These premium shower heads are usually high quality and sold with a warranty.

Ordinary shower headsPremium shower heads
1. Cheap
1. Offer special features
2. Strict quality assurance and control
3. High quality
4. Have a warranty
1. Does not offer special features
2. Usually compromises quality assurance and control
3. Usually low quality
4. Usually does not offer a warranty
1. Expensive

If you find a low-quality shower head with a premium price, you’d better avoid the brand. Stick to the good old saying, no good things come cheap.

Tips on selecting a premium shower head

So what are the pointers on buying your next shower head? For the premium category, you should look into its features, quality, and support.

1. Shower head features

You probably wonder what the different features premium shower heads can offer. Here are some features:

IONPOLIS Korea High Pressure Filtered Shower Headhansgrohe Raindance Select S Hand shower 120 3jet
1. 7 Stage filtration
2. Water softness
3. Up to 30% water saving
4. Up to 200% increase in water pressure
5. Temperature LED
1. Easily clean of limescale deposits on shower head
2. Wide diameter shower output
3. One click change spray mode
4. Voluminous, lighter and softer water output

Though both the IONPOLIS (Korea) and hansgrohe (Germany) are designed to enhance your shower experience, they have quite different features as seen in the above table. You should select the shower head based on your needs for the features.

Scratching itch skin – image from freepik

As the local seller of IONPOLIS Korea shower head, we think that the shower water that touches your skin matters! Hence, we’ve imported the option of 7 Stage filtration. As reviewed by customers, our shower heads have helped people with skin irritation problems after showering which is usually caused by sensitive skin or eczema.

Rusty pipes – image from freepik

Singapore’s water is clean but not the water pipes in your house. They’re likely corroded and rusty due to chlorine and usage over the years. Bear in mind that our filtered shower head is not any form of medication or cure, you should still be visiting your respective doctor for existing skin issues.

Let’s have a fair question, do people who don’t have skin issues not benefit from shower filtration? The truth is of course you won’t be hurt while showering with non-filtrated water, the majority of people are doing it. But if you can have cleaner water for showering which may further improve your skin, enhance your wellbeing and wellness, why not?

Our IONPOLIS Korea shower head also saves up to 30% water, where you can save the earth by reducing water usage. According to CNA, Singaporeans use almost 20 litres of water in a 5 minutes shower. A simple math calculation equals 60 litres of water used in a 15 minutes shower

Our shower head can also increase up to 200% water pressure. Also reviewed by many customers, it has solved many household issues of low water pressure. We can’t say much about hansgrohe or Grohe shower heads as do we not distribute them. However, we respectfully think that their shower heads are great too. Perhaps, just pricey for its branded German technology which easily costs hundreds for its range of shower heads.

2. Shower head quality

Whatever products you buy, one of the most common things to look out for is quality. In this article, quality refers to the technical aspects of the shower head. Questions you should find out include:

  • What are the materials used? It should not feel cheap and use good quality materials.
  • Will it work after using a long time? For the price paid, it should last for a long time. Relative to materials used.
  • Are there any product certifications? Test certificates should be considered for your purchase decision.
  • Can it withstand high water pressure? If the design can’t withstand high pressure, shower head may be broken upon usage.
  • Will the colour change/peel over time? It’s premium, so it should not. Relative to materials used.
  • Are there quality assurance and control? Products should be in tip-top working condition.
  • Is it easily broken when you accidentally drop or hit the wall? Accidents do happen, so ensure it doesn’t spoil easily. Relative to materials used.

These are simple yet easily overlooked questions when purchasing a shower head. Our high-quality IONPOLIS Korea shower head checked positive with all the questions above. To be fair, we’d like to believe that our counterpart brands, hansgrohe and Grohe, are also positive with the questions above too.

3. Seller support

Headache – image from unsplash

Lastly, shower head support includes product warranty, future purchase availability, and technical support. Our products come with 180 days warranty and we’ll honour it upon a warranty claim. So choosing the right supplier plays a crucial part in your purchase journey as you never know if you’d encounter any problems later. The seller you buy from should honour warranty claims. Additionally, read the store reviews and find out what other customers are saying. Remember, high-quality shower heads may have defects too, just the defect rate is much lesser compared to low-quality shower heads.

As for future purchase availability, it means that if you ever buy a filtered shower head like our IONPOLIS Korea shower head, will the seller continue to indent the replacement filters? If not, where else could you source it? Technical support simply means the seller’s responsiveness to any issues you are facing with your shower head. There must first be ways to communicate with the seller, whether by email, live chat, or phone, and how fast can they reply to your query. Speed should be a concern because you do not want to bath with a leaking shower head for a several days, then get finally get a reply from the seller for a solution.


All in all, premium shower heads are always a better choice than ordinary shower heads. As a buyer, you must determine what features suit you and your family best. If you have 2 different brands of shower heads offering the same features, go for the better quality one. While features and quality are critical to your purchase decision, the support from the seller must not be overlooked. Avoid shady stores, read customer reviews, and follow your gut feelings. We wish you the best in purchasing the right shower head for your household!