Improving quality of life and wellness doesn’t have to be costly, this is what Hydrofy believed and bring value to all our customers with quality products and excellent service.

September 2020

The Founding

Bryan Ng founded Hydrofy (Singapore brand startup) to offer high-quality sanitary wares online to enhance wellness. Our products doesn’t require plumbing, so customers can easily install by themselves. Just like plug-and-play products, customers do not need to engage installation service. Since then, we’ve served thousands of satisfied customers and garnered numerous positive reviews across different platforms.

November 2021

Drinking Category

Apart from vigorous tests and expanding our shower product series to provide more options for our customers, we’ve expanded our product line to the drinking category as well. The first batch of the water filter jug ran out quickly upon soft launch.

June 2022

IONPOLIS Sole Distributor

We started importing shower products from South Korea and became the sole distributor of IONPOLIS brand of products.

December 2022

Air Category

In addition to shower and drinking products, we’ve started selling air purifiers with desirable specifications and competitive pricing to disrupt the market.