Improving quality of life and wellness doesn’t have to be costly, this is what Hydrofy believed and bring value to all our customers with quality products and excellent service.

The Founding - September 2020

Bryan Ng founded Hydrofy (Singapore startup) to offer high-quality sanitary wares online. Our products focus is mainly offering wares without plumbing, so customers can easily install by themselves (like plug-and-play products) without the need of engaging additional service.

Rapid Growth - March 2021

Since our founding date, we have garnered numerous positive reviews across our email, website, Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp. We have also served over 1,000 happy customers within the first six months of operations with new product portfolios introduced such as the Vitamin C Shower Filter (we started with Spa Shower Head).

More is Good - August 2021

One is not enough, we further expand our shower head series with the Filtered Shower Head to provide more options for our customers. The Filtered Shower Head was vigorously tested to ensure it meets expectations and it went beyond the standard with many positive reviews. Our growth have led to serving over 2,000 satisfied customers.

Additional Category - November 2021

We have expand our product line to drinking category as well. The first batch of our Water Filter Jug ran out quickly upon soft launch and we have double the indent of goods to cope up with the demand.

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